Programs of Study

Graduate Study Information

Graduate Study in History at Colorado State University consists of three programs culminating in the Master of Arts degree.

Plan A:
Liberal Arts with Thesis

provides instruction through small seminars and individual study, and stresses historiography and research methods. This program requires a minimum of 30 semester credits, a master's thesis, and knowledge of a foreign language (see below: Plan A check sheet re: language test). This option is usually pursued in anticipation of further advanced degrees, mainly in such fields as history, business, or law

Liberal Arts with ThesisChecksheet/Description.

Plan B:
Liberal Arts without Thesis

is especially appropriate for students desiring employment in secondary education or who do not wish to pursue further advanced degrees. This program requires a minimum of 33 credits, emphasizing area and/or topical historical study offered in seminars. This option requires neither a thesis nor a foreign language

Liberal Arts without ThesisChecksheet/Description.


Plan C:
Public History

All of these options require a minimum of 36 semester credits, including practicum/internship.

Historic preservation is a broad interdisciplinary field that focuses on the identification, interpretation, and rehabilitation of the historic built environment including buildings, structures, neighborhoods, and landscapes. Historians typically work in administrative or consulting positions using their historical training to research and evaluate the significance of architecture to its historic context.
Museum Studies
has the goal of preparing historians for museum positions by providing training in the fields of artifactual interpretation, curation, and museum management.
Cultural Resource Management
Cultural resource management emphasizes the identification and interpretation of historic and prehistoric resources held by public land agencies, such as the National Park Service and U.S. Forest Service. It requires a broad understanding of cultural heritage that includes archeological sites and historic landscapes. CRM professionals often enter careers within federal agencies.
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