In Memory: Jennifer Fish Kashay


  • Ruth Alexander


    • United States History: gender and sexuality social history environment
  • Nicole Archambeau

    Assistant Professor

    • Medieval History
  • John Didier

    Associate Professor; Chair, Department of Philosophy

    • Ancient and Middle-period Chinese intellectual history
    • Ancient and Middle-period Chinese philosophy and religion
  • Mark Fiege


  • Robert Gudmestad

    Associate Professor

    • Nineteenth Century American South; Civil War
  • Katie Hindmarch-Watson

    Assistant Professor of History

    • Modern Britain and the British Empire
  • Adrian Howkins

    Associate Professor

    • Global Environmental History
  • Elizabeth Jones

    Associate Professor

    • Modern Germany
    • Modern Europe; Gender
    • Agrarian
  • James E. Lindsay


    • Middle East History
  • Ann M. Little

    Associate Professor

    • Early North America; women's and gender history; history of sexuality; religious history; history of the body
  • Kelly Long

    Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

    • United States History American Intellectual History History Education
  • Diane Margolf


    • Early modern Europe (15th - 18th centuries) France
  • Janet Ore

    Associate Professor

    • Twentieth-century United States vernacular architectural history public history
  • Jared Orsi

    Associate Professor

    • Environmental history
    • borderlands history
    • Colorado history
  • Sarah Payne

    Assistant Professor

    • Public History; Environmental History
  • Thaddeus Sunseri


    • Africa
  • Hongyan Xiang

    Assistant Professor

    • Late imperial and twentieth century China; Religions and Christianity in China; Chinese-Western relations since the 18th century.
  • Deborah Yalen

    Associate Professor

    • Imperial Russia
    • Soviet Union
    • Modern Europe
    • East European Jewish History
  • Doug Yarrington

    Associate Professor and Chair

    • Latin America



  • Nancy Rehe

    Asst to Chair/Program Asst I/ Graduate Students Assistant

  • Charlene Spencer

    Administrative Assistant III

    • Undergraduate Studies Assistant
  • Isaac Tubb

    Academic Support Coordinator

    • College of Liberal Arts - History