I had the privilege of serving my internship through the Loveland Historical Society over the summer of 2018. The thought of working for the Loveland Historical Society intrigued me primarily because I was a new resident to the city, and the Society seemed to have an intimate localized focus on the history of Loveland. Being a non-traditional student, I was unsure how an internship would fit into my life. With the support of my faculty advisor, Dr. Sarah Payne, I was encouraged to explore the prospect. It was a unique opportunity for both parties as I was the first intern in the history of the Loveland Historical Society.

My primary role within the Society was as a docent for the Milner/Schwarz Farmhouse located off Railroad Avenue in south-central Loveland. As a member of the National Register for Historic Places, The Milner/Schwarz farmhouse was built in 1873 and is the oldest standing brick house in Larimer County. Right away I felt very welcome from every member of the board and fit in well with the other members of the docent team. Being a part of the Loveland Historical Society is like being a part of a family of people eager about local history. The experience has opened my eyes to an entirely new perspective on history.

Often, history can seem like a vast and open subject pertaining to large cultural and societal events. Organizations like the Loveland Historical Society demonstrate that history affects us all. It is an important aspect of being part of humanity. My time with the Society has also opened up opportunities to further my involvement within the historical community. I have joined the Loveland Historical Society as a member with the potential to one day serve on the board. As I reflect on my time as a docent over this past summer, I will take with me the many times I was a student, learning the history of not only the Milner/Schwarz house but the many neighboring houses and the history of Loveland as a whole from the mouths of those much wiser and experienced than I. I am grateful for the opportunities that attending Colorado State University has afforded me. CSU and Northern Colorado are truly special places.