Department of History

Great wall - Mayflower - Apollo

Everything has a History

From how we express emotions to what we eat for breakfast, every aspect of humans’ lives is shaped by political, environmental, social, and cultural factors. As these factors change, people’s lives change.

At CSU, we ask historical questions and follow the evidence to understand what happened in the past and why it happened. Through historical research, we move away from judgment and assumptions about other cultures and instead learn from every historical moment, including our own.


B.A. with choice of concentration in:

  • General History
    a customizable concentration that allows you to explore themes that interest you
  • Language
    a concentration that allows you to link language study with historical research
  • Social Studies Teaching
    a concentration that prepares students for K-12 teaching
  • Digital and Public History
    a concentration that uses emerging digital research tools and explores how historical knowledge is publicly shared


  • General History
  • Religious Studies Interdisciplinary Minor


M.A. with choice of concentration in:

  • Liberal Arts
    work closely with an advisor on a geographical or thematic area of historical research
  • Public History
    work with professors and professionals in general public history or concentrate in cultural resource management