Education Abroad

Experiencing History in the World

Studying history abroad gives CSU students the opportunity to step outside their own culture. It opens up the chance to think about historical issues from a new perspective.

Athens Wall

Courses Abroad

The History Department has several Education Abroad courses specially designed for the study of history. These courses fit our undergraduate major and minor requirements and the Blaze Your Trail categories.

Dr. Ruth Alexander second left with participants in an oral history session at Todos Santos

History, Community, and the Environment in Todo Santos, Mexico

This course helps students explore how humans’ changing relationship with the environment can shape community identity. Students develop public history skills, such as how to conduct and analyze oral histories, while learning from members of the Todos Santos community.

WWII Europe

In this course, students study the Battle of Normandy Campaign. They visit London, Paris, and sites in Normandy.

"This trip is too hard to explain with words...My impulse decision to go was one of my best decisions."
-Quinn Malone, (Business Administration,’18)

Quinn Malone giving presentation at Airborne museum

Roman History in Italy

This course covers Roman history from its foundation until the collapse of the western empire in Rome and some of the surrounding areas. Students stay in Rome with day trips to Tivoli, Pompeii, and Naples.

“A great way to learn about Roman history - by seeing the sights and immersing yourself into Roman culture like no classroom or book can!”
-Dr. Kristen Heineman, Course Instructor

Semester at Sea

Please visit the Semester at Sea website for further program information.

Dr. Eli Alberts and his wife with students on semester at sea