The Department of History is keeping busy during these challenging times. There are many accomplishments and updates to share and celebrate among our students, faculty, and staff.

Faculty and Staff News

The Clark Corridor during fall

Undergraduate Awards and Scholarships

The Department of History bestowed a number of awards and scholarships to excellent undergraduate students.

  • Hayley Smith won the Norman Furniss Award
  • Erin Meighen won the Sidney Heitman Award
  • Anne Gebo won the Meyer Nathan Award
  • Cassie Franks won the Rosser Family Scholarship
  • Hailey Doucette, Cory Rubertus, and Claire Johnson won Harry Rosenberg scholarships
  • Augusta Rudnick won the Mark Anthony Klein Scholarship

Graduate Awards and Scholarships

The Department of History had several noteworthy graduate students who won awards.

  • Megan Clevenger, Eric Newcombe, and Andy Olson won Outstanding Graduate Students
  • Jacie Rex won the Incoming Graduate Award.