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Dillon Maxwell (M.A. ’19) describes recounting the history of high elevation rangeland in Northern Colorado for the National Forest Service

In A Sand County Almanac, Aldo Leopold wrote, “There is an allegory for historians in the diverse functions of saw, wedge, and axe.” The saw works across years to pull out “little chips of facts”; the wedge splits wood into collective views; the axe lops limbs for the “peripheral rings of the recent past.” Leopold’s comparison of […]

Student Testimonials


“I currently work at the State of Colorado, Department of Human Services where I lead the Learning and Development Team. There, I am using the skills I learned in my master's program to help Coloradans thrive.”

Jessica (Campbell) Greene (M.A. ’17)

“The experience I gained while earning my MA in Public History at CSU as well as my time spent working as a researcher at the PLHC provided me with the skills I needed for a worthwhile and interesting career at a federal research institution, where I work to assist researchers from around the country.”

Kellie Nicholas (M.A. ’15)

“Many faculty members were instrumental to my success at CSU and supportive of my aspirations to continue my studies abroad. Thanks to all of the professors who helped expand my perspective of the world.”

Elizabeth Bruns (B.A. ’16), who taught at the American English Center in Da Nang and went to graduate school at Aarhus University in Denmark

"I'm now working at the Poudre Heritage Alliance, a nonprofit that provides programming and support for communities in the Cache la Poudre National Heritage Area. CSU's program equipped me with the theory and skills to strengthen my community by advocating for the conservation and interpretation of local cultural and natural resources.”

Leslie Moore (M.A. ’20)

“My official title at Pinyon Environmental is Staff Historian and specific job duties include the preparation of site forms and technical reports, as well as compliance with applicable local, state, and federal regulations; evaluation of the potential eligibility of resources, impacts, or effect that projects may have, preparation of consultation documentation, and assist with the identification and preparation of mitigation strategies.”

Sean Fallon (M.A. ’16)

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Scholarships & Awards

History department scholarships and awards reflect the values of our faculty and students. Your contribution helps a new generation of history majors pursue intellectual challenges, pioneering scholarship, and community service.

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Cassie Franks (B.A. '20)

“I am immensely grateful to the Rosser family, CSU History Department, and the scholarship committee for this award. Growing up in my family’s outfitting business, my life has been shaped by the history of the west and I am excited to be able to further explore and represent the traditions and histories that define many of our lives. My time here at CSU has been nothing short of spectacular and fulfilling thanks to the amazing faculty and staff who have offered me support and guidance during my time as a history undergraduate student. I am honored to be able to use this scholarship to further my education as a Graduate student at CSU to research and write on the histories that I am most passionate about. The gift of education is priceless; thank you to both the Rosser family and CSU’s history department for their excellent leadership and support, even in the strangest of times.”

Haley Doucette (B.A. ’20)

“I am honored and ecstatic about winning the Harry Rosenberg scholarship. CSU has helped me realize my passion for environmental and public history and I hope to pursue a career in implementing these skills.”