New Books Network Interviews Dr. Duffy on her Recent Publication

Tune in here to listen to Dr. Andrea Duffy’s podcast interview with Matthew Brown, New Books Network Host. Chronicling the retreat of mobile pastoralization from Mediterranean coastlines, Andrea Duffy’s Nomad’s Land: Pastoralism and French Environmental Policy in the Nineteenth-Century Mediterranean World (U Nebraska Press, 2019) investigates a mystery: where did the sheep go? Duffy seeks the answer by […]

New Books Network Interviews Dr. Lindsay on his Latest Anthology Publication

Tune in here to listen to Dr. James Lindsay, Professor of History at CSU and Dr. Suleiman Mourad, Professor of Religion at Smith College discuss their latest publication, Muslim Sources of the Crusader Period: An Anthology. Aaron M. Hagler interviewed Dr. Lindsay and Dr. Mourad on the New Books Network Middle Eastern Studies podcast.

Undergraduate students share Fort Collins’ history in local bathrooms

Local bathroom breaks just got a lot more interesting, thanks to a Colorado State University public history course’s “in-stall project.” The project is connecting Fort Collins’ past and present — all within the stalls of public restrooms. Thomas Cauvin, a CSU assistant professor in the Department of History, assigns an interesting and engaging project for his […]

Graduate Students studying museum methods present Brewing History: Fort Collins’ Global Connections

Editor’s note: Since this story was first posted, the Global Village Museum has decided to close until March 28 due to concerns over COVID-19. See the museum’s website for updates. A new exhibit about the history of beer brewing — both locally and internationally — opens Friday, March 6, at the Global Village Museum of Arts and […]

Dr. Sarah Payne and graduate students use ArcGIS mapping to create a digital history of CSU

Space matters. The spaces where we live, work, and play shape how we socialize with one another. Our social interactions, in turn, influence spaces. To understand what we mean, take a look at the image to the right. Now, let’s trace the images displayed around the ram’s horn, starting with the Old Main building pictured at the […]

Dr. Ruth Alexander and a team of graduate students collect oral histories from professionals responding to the 2013 flood

September 2015 marked the second anniversary of the floods that ravaged Colorado’s Front Range. In an interview about the devastation, Jamestown Mayor Tara Schoedinger recalled a dramatic moment following days of rain: “My husband … ran outside and said, ‘There goes the gulch.’ … He came back in less than a minute later, and he […]

PLHC Program Manager, Ariel Schnee, and RMHS teacher, Kurt Knierim, introduce high school students to careers in history

On March 6, the Public Lands History Center at Colorado State University welcomed 40 high school students from Rocky Mountain High School and Berthoud High School to campus for History Day, a collaborative program that raises awareness of the history major and career options for historians. I PLHC Program Manager Ariel Schnee and RMHS teacher […]

Faculty and Students in the Public Lands History Center work with park managers to solve real-world problems at Rocky Mountain National Park

While it’s not unusual for Colorado State University students to enjoy the great outdoors during the summer, one group becomes actively involved in preserving the history — and future — of a local natural treasure. Each year, CSU’s Public Lands History Center takes students to Rocky Mountain National Park for nearly a week. The program, […]

Dr Jared Orsi and graduate students study the history of Rocky Mountain National Park through repeat photography

One center at Colorado State University teaches graduate students in English the literary publishing process, from manuscript to final printing, while another challenges history students to apply the tools of the historian to public lands management. When the two centers began sharing space on campus, they realized they had a ready-made collaboration: publishing a book of […]

Dr. Sarah Payne organizes research and essays studying Japanese internment camps in New Mexico.

A team of historians from Colorado State University, working under the direction of Assistant Professor Sarah Payne at the Public Lands History Center, has completed a project to preserve and spread the stories of Japanese Americans who were detained in New Mexico confinement camps during World War II. The project, “Confinement in the Land of […]